LearnDash Dynamic Content

The If-So and LearnDash LMS integration allow you to display conditional content based on the user activity on your site: Course Enrolment, Course Completion, Quiz Score.

The dynamic content can be displayed anywhere on your site using a dynamic trigger.

Alternativly, if you are using the Gutenberg editor you can assign conditions to a block or group of blocks directly through the sidebar.

Possible Use Cases

  • If the user has complted a certain course, suggest another course
  • Prompt users whos enroled to a course or comlted a certain part of it to join and participate in group
  • Prompt users who complted a course or received a good score on a quiz to submit feedback

The LearnDash Conditions

  • Course Enrolment – Show dontent if the user has enroled (or not enroled) for a specific course
  • Course Completoin – Show content based on the precentage of course completion
  • Quiz Score – Show content based on the user score.