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BigOrange Marketing: Tailoring Intrust IT’s Website for Local Impact

At BigOrange Marketing, we understand the importance of local relevance in today’s digital landscape. When our client, Intrust IT, a Cincinnati-based IT service provider, expanded into Dayton, they needed a website that resonated with audiences in both locations. A complete website rebuild wasn’t ideal, so we leveraged our expertise in dynamic content solutions using the If-So plugin.

Our strategy focused on creating a seamless user experience for visitors from both Cincinnati and Dayton while also staying factual for those outside both regions. If-So made the creation of personalized website content based on the user’s location easy. This allowed us to achieve the following:

  • Geo-Specific Content:  A visitor from Cincinnati landing on the Intrust IT website see references to Intrust IT serving Cincinnati. Visitors in Dayton find references to Dayton and anyone outside of both regions sees Intrust IT defined as serving Cincinnati & Dayton. This simple adjustment fosters a sense of connection with the local audience.

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  • Location-Specific Prioritization:  The same technology allowed us to prioritize the most relevant information for each visitor.  For example, a Dayton visitor would see the Dayton branch address, phone number, and a map prominently displayed on the page. This ensures potential customers in Dayton can easily find the information they need. Here is an example page for IT Consulting Dayton

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By implementing these targeted adjustments, we ensured Intrust IT’s website effectively addressed the needs of both Cincinnati and Dayton audiences – all within the existing website framework. This efficient approach saved Intrust IT time and resources while creating a website that resonates with local customers. A project that would have taken months without dynamic content was completed within a week.

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