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Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI)Shortcodes

Insert keywords into your web pages using simple shortcodes.

With If-So DKI you can display:

  • The user’s location: country, state, city, or continent
  • A value of a query string parameter
  • The user name
  • An event time – calculated according to the user time zone

And more…

The Available DKI Shortcodes

Geolocation DKI

Display the user’s location: country, city, state, continent, or time zone.

[ifsoDKI type='geo' show='country']

The shortcode above inserts the user’s country, other information can be displayed by replacing the value of the “show” parameter.

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Google Ads DKI

Insert the keyword that was used to trigger your ad.

[ifsoDKI type="google-ads" parameter="YOUR-PARAMETER" fallback="Your default value (optional)"]

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Query String DKI

Display the value of any query string.

[ifsoDKI type="querystring" parameter="YOUR-PARAMETER" fallback="Your default value (optional)"]

The shortcode above will display the value of the parameter “YOUR-PARAMETER”. I.e. if the page URL is, the word Awesome will be displayed.

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Auto-Local Time Display

Show an event time that is calculated according to the user’s time zone.

[ifsoDKI type='time' show='user-geo-timezone-sensitive' time='04/25/2022 08:00' format='n/j/o, G:i']

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User Details (for logged-in users)

Display the user’s first name, last name, email, and more.

[ifso_user_details show="firstName" fallback="Default value (optional)"]

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Display a login/logout link.

[ifso_login_link login_redirect="" ]

The shortcode above will display a login/logout link, the user will be redirected to a page you choose after logging in.

Learn more about the Log In/Out shortcode >

Referral Source DKI

Display the URL of the referral website or webpage.

[ifsoDKI type='referrer' fallback="Default value (optional)"]

What is your referral?

Browser Language DKI

Display the user’s browser language.

[ifsoDKI type='language' show='primary-only']

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Total Number of Pages Visited by the User

Display the number of website pages that were visited by the user.

[ifsoDKI type='viewcount' show='visit-count']

Post ID

Display any page, post, or custom post using a simple shortcode.

[ifso-show-post id="123"]

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Extensions and Integrations with DKI Shortcodes

WooCommerce DKI Shortcodes

Display the number of items in the cart, value in the cart, and more.

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