Dynamic keyword insertion (DKI)

If-So Dynamic Keyword Insertion lets you insert keywords into your webpages using a simple shortcode.
With If-So DKI you can display:

  • A value of a query string parameter in the URL
  • The user’s location: country, state, city, or continent
  • The user’s time zone
  • The referrer source
  • The browser language

The available shortcodes

Query String DKI

Display value of a query string

[ifsoDKI type="querystring" parameter="YOUR-PARAMETER"]

*In our example, the value of the parameter “YOUR-PARAMETER” will be displayed. For the URL, the word Awesome will be displayed instead of the shortcode.

Note not to use WordPress reserved terms as parameters

User name (and other user details) – For logged-in users

Insert the user’s name (for logged-in users)

[ifsoDKI type="username"]

Learn more about the User Details shortcode

Login Link

Display a login/logout link:

[ifso_login_link login_redirect=""]

Learn more about the Login Link shortcode

Geolocation DKI

Insert the user’s country

[ifsoDKI type='geo' show='country']

Insert the user’s state

[ifsoDKI type='geo' show='state']

Insert the user’s city

[ifsoDKI type='geo' show='city']

*Depending on the country, ISP, device, and other factors, the accuracy at the city level might not be high. Learn more.

Insert the user’s continent

[ifsoDKI type='geo' show='continent']

Insert the user’s timezone

[ifsoDKI type='geo' show='timezone'] 

Referrer Source DKI

Insert the referrer source

[ifsoDKI type='referrer']

Insert only the domain of the referrer source, without permalinks

[ifsoDKI type='referrer' show='domain-only']

Browser Language DKI

Insert the user’s primary browser language

[ifsoDKI type='language' show='primary-only']

Insert a list of the user’s non-primary browser languages

[ifsoDKI type='language' show='all-except-primary']

Insert a list of the user’s browser languages

[ifsoDKI type='language' show='all']
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