If-So significantly improved our website’s conversion rate. One dynamic trigger alone drove a 1.4X increase in monthly sales.
Sinay Elihay, CEO, Media Runners LTD
Features List
Condition Pro versions
Free version
Device type
Logged in users
Start & end date
Geolocation 1,000 sessions/month for one year 250 sessions/month
Logged in users
User IP
UTM parameters
Browser language
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Referrer source
Dynamic links
First-time visitors
Returning visitors
Pages visited
Page URL
User Role
Built-in Analytics
Disable/Enable triggers
Disable/Enable dynamic versions
Support Premium support for one year Basic support
Updates One year
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Asked Questions
  • What does a Lifetime license mean?

    The Pro, Agency, and Enterprise licenses are lifetime licenses- all the features and options will work forever.

    Support and updates renew automatically on a yearly subscription basis with a 50% discount. If you decide to cancel your subscription, you will still be able to use all the pro features - they will keep working forever, but you will no longer receive updates or support once the license key expires.

  • Am I limited by monthly sessions?
    No. The only condition which is limited by monthly sessions is the geolocation condition for which we use a primium IP-to-Location database in order to match the users' IP to their location. If you only want to use our geolocation condition you can subscribe to one of our geolocation plans, no need to purchase the pro version.
  • Will my license renew automatically?
    Yes. Your license will automatically renew on a yearly basis. If you do not want it to renew automatically, you can log into Your Account and end your subscription at any time. This will NOT remove any subscription time/support/licenses for which you have already paid. It will change your settings so that they will not automatically renew when your subscription expires.  
  • Do you offer a free trial period?
    Of course! For more details please visit our plans page.
  • Do you have an affiliate program?
    Why yes, we do, and we would love to connect with you about it. Please contact us at info@if-so.com for more information.
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