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What is the pages visited condition

The pages visited condition lets you add or replace content on your website based on the pages previously visited by a visitor on your site.

How can your site benefit from the pages visited condition?


  • Personalize calls to action based on the interest a visitors showed on your site
  • Encourage users who showed interest in a certain product or service to take action
  • Hide marketing  messages from users who already purchased your app or program

How does the “Pages Visited” condition work?

The condition allows you to add or replace custom content, dependent on the pages that were visited by the user in the past. The condition works based on a cookie which tracks pages on your site that were previously visited by the user. Hence, the condition will only work if the user has visited the site using the same device and browser and did not clean the browser cookies.

The lifespan of the “pages visited” cookie can be defined on the plugin’s Settings page.

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