Location-Based Content WordPress Plugin

Creating location-based content couldn’t
be easier! No coding required.

A Complete Geolocation Solution for WordPress Users

Add or replace content based on the user’s country,
state, city, continent or time zone.


Use a Dynamic Keyword Insertion shortcode to automatically display the visitor's location.
A premium IP-to-location Database
Compatible with Page Caching
No coding required

3 simple ways to create location-based content:

Option 1:
Dynamic triggers
Add or replace content using If/Then conditions.
Option 2:
CSV file
Create & manage a large number of location-based versions using a CSV file.
Option 3:
DKI shortcodes
Display the visitor's location using simple Dynamic Keyword Insertion shortcodes.
Free shipping to United States
[ifsoDKI type='geo' show='country']
What content can be customized?

What content can be customized?

Any content on your site can be turned into dynamic content.
Paste the trigger's shortcode in any field that accepts shortcodes or use a PHP code to embed the trigger directly in the page template.

Increase conversion and engagement rates, reduce bounce rate

Looking for some inspiration?
Here are some examples of how location-based content can help you improve your site
Reach visitors with messages in their native language
Grab the visitors' attention and dramatically reduce bounce rate using a short message in the visitor's native language.
Location-based Promotions
Make a discount or a special offer based on the user's location.
Direct users to the nearest branch
Direct users to the nearest store or display the phone number of the relevant brunch.
Location-based redirects
Use a JavaScript redirect to redirect users from specific locations to a different page.
Location override
Allow users to select a location that will override the default IP-based-location detection.

All the Reasons To Use Ifplay_arrowSo

  • Increase sales, conversion rates and site interaction.
  • Easy to use - Just 2 minutes work and you have geolocation-based content!
  • Full adjustment of all content on the site - titles, text, images and even menu items.
  • Works with any page builder: Gutenberg, Elementor, Divi, and any other.
  • All features are included in the free version (limited to 250 monthly sessions)
  • Maximal accuracy - Ifplay_arrowSo uses up-to-date databases premium database to match the IP address to the geographical location

Create Location-based Content in Minutes

It only takes 3 simple steps to set up location-based content using if-so.
Step One
Create a new trigger, and select the "Geolocation" condition.
Step Two
Set the content that will be displayed if the condition is met.
Step Three
Click "Publish" and paste the trigger's shortcode anywhere on your site.
Geolocation DKI Shortcode
Users in Love Ifplay_arrowSo
The country name is displayed
using our DKI shortcode:
[ifsoDKI type="geo" show="country"]

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Common Questions

Can I try the geolocation service for free?
Yes! You can download If-So and start using the geolocation condition completely for free. All features enabled (limited to 250 monthly sessions).
Is coding knowledge required?
Definitely not! Simply install the plugin and start creating dynamic content.
Will I pay for every page view?
Nope! If a user visits more than one page containing a geolocation trigger during the same visit, If-So will only count it as one session. A session will only be counted if a user visits a page with a geolocation-based trigger.
Does Ifplay_arrowSo work with every site and page builder?
Yes. You can use If-So on any site, on any field that accepts shortcodes. This includes page builders like Elementor, Gutenberg, Divi, and all others.
What is a geolocation session?
A geolocation session begins when a visitor first visits a page with a geolocation trigger, and ends when either the visitor closes the browser, or after 25 minutes of inactivity (this might vary slightly between browsers and the server on which the website is hosted). For example, if a visitor arrives at the homepage, then visits several other pages and leaves, this will only be counted as one session.
How accurate is the location detection?
No IP-to-location service is 100% accurate. The accuracy of a location depends on many factors (Learn more here). In order to provide the best results we use a paid, highly accurate, premium database. And, if you ever encounter any inaccuracy you can contact us and we'll make sure the database is updated.

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