Extensions and Integrations

Use extensions and integrations built specifically for If-So to add extra functionality to your site. Didn’t find what you’re looking for? We love getting suggestions for new features and integrations.



Target customers with content based on their products purchased, products in the cart, shipping or billing address, and more.

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Memberships & Subscriptions

Target customers with content according to their different membership or subscription plans.

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Target customers based on their MemberPress membership or MemberPress group.

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WishList Member

Target customers with content according to their different WishList levels.

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WP Job Manager

Target specific content to subscribers of paid listing packages

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Extensions (extra conditions and functionality)

Browser Type & Operating System

Display content based on the visitor’s browser type or operating system

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Day of The Month

Schedule content changes based on the day of the month

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Audience Self-Selection Form

Allow users to choose the content they will see using a self-selection form.

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Number of Version Views

Stop displaying a version after a certain number of views.

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Trigger Events

Display the content of your dynamic triggers to users only after they take specific on-page actions.

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Suggest a New Integration/Extension

If you have a suggestion for a feature or idea for a new integration, we would love to hear about it!