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What is If▸So?

If-So is a dynamic content WordPress plugin that allows website admins to add or replace website content based on the user’s profile or interaction with the site.

At the high level, If-So provides two primary types of dynamic content:

  1. Conditional Content – Add or replace any content on your website based on a predefined set of conditions.
  2. Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) – Automatically display values using shortcodes. The values can be the user’s location, a value of a query parameter, an event time calculated according to the user’s time zone, and more.

Conditional content – How does it work?

Setting up conditional content is extremely simple, no coding is required.

If-So works on any website, no matter which page builder you are using. Simply:

  1. Create a new trigger
  2. Select a condition/s and set the personalized content for each version
  3. Paste the trigger’s shortcode wherever you want to display the content

Every time a page with the shortcode is loaded, one of the content versions will be displayed accordingly.

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Gutenberg & Elementor users

Gutenberg and Elementor users may create dynamic content in an alternative way:

  1. Select the block or element
  2. On the side menu, select the condition to display the block/element

– More about conditional Elementor Elements >>
– More about conditional Gutenberg Blocks >>

Simple setup of dynamic content with dozens or thousands of versions

For conditional content with a significant number of versions (ranging from dozens to thousands), we recommend exploring our CSV extension. This powerful extension enables you to effortlessly create dynamic content directly from a CSV file, simplifying the creation and management of numerous versions.

What conditions are available?

If-So provides a diverse range of conditions. You can choose to display content based on one or multiple conditions. Here are some examples of commonly used conditions:

More than just an If-Then conditions plugin

If-So is the most comprehensive WordPress personalization plugin. We continuously develop new features and options to meet the diverse needs of our real-life users.

Here are some of the popular extra options:

Audiences (segments)
Assign users into predefined audiences based on the user’s interaction with the site and then show content based on the user’s audience.
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User self-selection form:
Allow users to select the content they will see by assigning themselves to an audience (segment).
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Conditional pop-ups
Create pop-ups that will be displayed based on any If-So condition.
Learn more >>

Custom user profile fields (for logged-in users)
Create a new field in the user’s profile, assign a value to that field, and show content based on the value.
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Dynamic content from CSV
Create and manage thousands of dynamic content versions directly from a CSV file.
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