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Thank you for choosing If-So Dynamic Content!

The following guide covers the basic and advanced features of the If-So plugin. If you have questions or come across any problems, please feel free to contact our team. We will be happy to assist you.

What is If▸So?

If-So is a dynamic content WordPress plugin that allows website admins to add or replace website content based on a predefined set of conditions.

If-So provides 4 ways to show dynamic content:

  1. Conditional Triggers – Set up different content versions that will be displayed based on a list of pre-definedd conditions. Learn more.
  2. DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion) – Insert keywords into your web pages using simple shortcodes. Learn more.
  3. Dynamic content from CSV File – Create and manage thousands of dynamic content versions directly from a CSV file. Learn more.
  4. Conditional Gutenberg Blocks – Set a condition for each Gutenberg block, and the Gutenberg block will only be displayed if the condition is met. Learn more.
  5. Conditional Elementor Widgets and Sections – Create conditional Elementor widgets and sections. Learn more.

The range of conditions is endless. Conditions can be based on the visitor’s profile or on the visitor’s interaction history with the site, or even how they got to your site to begin with. Best of all, no coding skills are needed to start creating dynamic content today.

Which conditions can you set?

If-So offers a wide range of conditions. You can choose to display content if one condition is met or if a combination of different conditions are met.  Here are examples of our most implemented conditions.


  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Continent
  • Timezone

User Behavior

  • Browser Language
  • Returning Visitor
  • Device Type
  • Logged-in User
  • User Details
  • Pages Visited
  • Referral Source
  • Browser Type
  • Operating System
  • Number of Version Views

Date & Time

  • Start & End Date
  • Schedule
  • Day of the Month

Marketing & Advertising

  • Dynamic Link
  • Page URL
  • UTM Parameters
  • Google Ads / Facebook Ads


  • Products in the Cart
  • Products Purchased
  • Units in Stock
  • Total Spent
  • Average Order Value
  • Customer Details


  • WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • WooCommerce Memberships
  • MemberPress
  • WishList Member
  • WP Job Manager
  • Was this Helpful ?
  • YesNo
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