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About content customization to logged-in users

The logged-in condition lets you add or replace content on your based to logged-in visitors.

How can your site benefit from the logged-in condition? Examples:

  • Encourage site registration with special promotions to registered (logged-in) visitors
  • Promote upsells and cross-sales to logged in visitors

Which content can be customized using the logged-in condition?

Same as on all If>So’s dynamic triggers,  any content of the website can be customized. That includes titles, texts, images, call to actions, and buttons.


The recurrence option allows you to display custom content to users who were logged-in in the past. This option can be used to prompt visitors to log-in again or to stop displaying those visitor registration notifications.

Click here to read more about recurrence.

How to set up a unique content for logged-in users?

  1. On your WordPress dashboard, go to “If>So → Add New Trigger
  2. Click on “Select a condition” and select “User Behavior → Logged-in “.if the user is logged-in.
  3. In the default content field, set content to be displayed if the user is not logged-in.(optional, can be left blank).
  4. Press “Publish” and paste the shortcode generated by If>So in your website.


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