Checking for conflicts with another theme or plugin

Your WordPress installation consists of the WordPress Core files, a theme, and usually one or more plugins. Unfortunately, sometimes, these aspects conflict with each other. Don’t worry, in most cases, these kinds of conflicts can be easily solved.

The step first for fixing the problem is finding the theme or plugin that causes the conflict. To do so, please follow the following steps:

1. Log in on your WordPress website.
2. Deactivate all non-If-So plugins
3. Switch your theme to a standard theme, like Twenty Fourteen.
4. Test for the issue again. Does it still occur?

If the problem does not recur anymore: Reactivate all non-If-So plugins one-by-one. Test for the issue again after every plugin you reactivate. If the problem re-occurred after reactivating one of your plugins, let us know which one it is, we’ll take it from there.