General FAQ

  • Does the Elementor integration work on the free version of the If-So plugin?

    Yes, it does.

    Yes, it does. All the functionality and conditions included in the free version will also work with the Elementor integration (click here for a list of the free vs. pro features).

  • Can I use If-So in the page title field?

    Yes, you can.

    By default, the page/post title field doesn't accept shortcodes. If you want to use If-So on your page title field simply go to the If-So > Settings on your WordPress dashboard and check the "Allow shortcodes in titles and menus" option.

    WordPress- allow shortcodes in the title
  • Is there a way to A/B test the dynamic content to know which version works best?


    Create a trigger with an A/B Testing condition in order to test up to four variations. To A/B test dynamic content, you'll have to use multiple triggers with conditions being the variations.

  • Are there styling options available? If so, how are they accessed?

    If-So uses a TinyMCE editor with both visual and text (HTML) modes so that you can basically set up any content.

    If you are using a page builder and are looking for a more convenient way to design your content, the styling options that are available for you are:

    Gutenberg Users - You can assign conditions directly to a block (or group of blocks) instead of creating dynamic triggers. See how.

    Elementor Users - Save any widget or section as a template and apply it inside an If-So trigger using a shortcode. See how.

    Other page builders - Design your dynamic content in a new page and use the shortcode [ifso-show-post id="123"] inside your If-So trigger to display the page content as your dynamic version. See how.

  • Can I display a user's name on a website page utilizing If-So?

    Yes, you can.

    If the user is logged-in, use our User Details Shortcode

    If the user is not logged in, you can transfer the user's name as a value of a query parameter in the URL and use our Query-string Dynamic Keyword Insertion shortcode to display the value.

  • Can I redirect users to a different page based on conditions?
    Yes. You can redirect users based on each one of the conditions by pasting a simple JavaScript code in the dynamic version content field. Click here for a step by step guide.
  • Can I set dynamic content to be displayed only when multiple conditions are met?


    Though the option to display a dynamic version based on multiple conditions is not built into the plugin interface, the same result can be achieved by nesting shortcodes. ie. creating a trigger and pasting its shortcode within a dynamic version content field of another.

    Click here to learn more

  • Is it possible to use a different parameter instead of "?ifso="?

    Yes. You can display dynamic content based on any parameter you want. Simply, use the Page URL condition and set it as follows:

    If: Page URL > Conatins > ?your-parmeter; Then: Show dynamic content...

    Alternatively, if you want to create a condition based on UTM parameters, you can use our dedicated UTM condition.

  • Which rules (conditions) can I set with If-So?
    If-So offers a wide range of conditions to choose from such as referral source, search term, and dynamic link conditions. The full list of conditions is available here.
  • What is the If-So WordPress Plugin?

    If-So is a dynamic content WordPress Plugin, allowing site administrators to personalize content according to a predefined set of conditions or using Dynamic Keyword Insertion shortcodes.

    By providing your visitors with a tailored content experience, encouraging them to engage, convert, and buy more!

    Learn more:
    - Dynamic content
    - Dynamic Keyword Insertion

  • How does If-So work?

    Though If-So offers a wide range of possibilities and advanced features, the basic usage of the plugin is very simple:

    1. Select a condition from a predefined list
    2. Set the content you wish to display if the condition is met (or leave blank if you do not want to display anything).
    3. Set the content you wish to display if the condition is not met (or leave blank if you do not want to display anything).
    4. Paste the shortcode of the trigger to display dynamic content on your website.

    Click here for a video and a detailed explanation

  • Do I need to have coding skills in order to create dynamic content?
    Nope! To set dynamic content all you need to do is select a condition from a predefined list and set the content to be displayed if it's met.
  • Can I use If-So to create dynamic menu items?
    Yes, you can! Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create dynamic menu items.
  • Does If-So only work for Wordpress?
    Yes, at the moment If-So is only available for WordPress.
  • Will this work with server and WordPress caching solutions?


    Whether you are using a caching plugin or server caching, you can navigate to the plugin settings and enable the "Page Caching Compatibility" option. With the option enabled, dynamic triggers will be rendered in a separate request that will take place after the loading of the cached version.

    Learn more about Page Caching Compatibility.

  • Can I use If-So on a multisite WordPress installation?
    Yes, you can. Each subsite will require its own license (or a valid license for multiple domains). If-So cannot be network-activated. The license will have to be activated separately on each subsite.
  • Can I use If-So with the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) WordPress plugin?

    Yes. You can use If-So with the ACF plugin.

    The first step is to create an If-So trigger and paste its shortcode inside the custom field. Since Advanced Custom Fields do not render shortcodes by default, next you'll need to add the following filters to your functions.php file.  Please feel free to contact us if you need help with that.

    If you'd like to use If-So inside a Text field:
    add_filter('acf/format_value/type=teaxt', 'do_shortcode');

    If you'd like to use If-So inside a Text Area field:
    add_filter('acf/format_value/type=textarea', 'do_shortcode'); 

  • Is If-So compatible with Page Builders (Content Editors)?
    Yes! As far as we know, you can use If-So with just about any modern page builder. Here are the most common page builders our customers use:
    • Gutenberg
    • Elementor (learn more about our Elementor widget)
    • Divi
    • Visual Composer
    • Beaver Builder
    • Theme Fusion (Avada)
    • Site Origin
    • Thrive Architect
    • Optipress3
    • Brizy
    Learn more >>
  • Is If-So compatible with all browsers?
    This one is simple – Yes.
  • Can If-So and WP Rocket be used together?
    Yes! Click here to learn more.
  • Can I use the If-So WP Plugin with any WordPress theme?
    You sure can! We haven't come across a theme that the If-So WP Plugin can’t work with. If you experience any compatibility difficulties while working with your theme, contact our support team to resolve them.
  • Is it possible to block a page from users of a certain country using if-so?

    Yes. You can create a conditional redirect to redirect all the visitors from a specific certain to a different page.

  • Can I Import and Export Triggers?

    Yes, you can.

    To import a trigger: On your WordPress dashboard, go to If-So -> All Triggers, click "Import trigger" (the button is right below the page title), and upload your trigger's JSON file.

    To export a trigger: On your WordPress dashboard, go to If-So -> All Triggers, hover over the trigger you want to export, and click "Export".

  • How does dynamic content affect website SEO?
    Dynamic content can contribute to SEO success. We have identified some best practices and potential risks you should be aware of when it comes to site ranking. Learn more.