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Displaying Support Hours in Your Users’ Local Time

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life-ring Support Hours: Monday - Friday, [ifsoDKI type="time" show="user-geo-timezone-sensitive" time="09:00" format="g:i a"] - [ifsoDKI type="time" show="user-geo-timezone-sensitive" time="17:00" format="g:i a"] ([ifsoDKI type='time' show='user-geo-timezone-sensitive' time='09:00' format='e'])
Google Ads Search term-based content
Tailoring Content for New & Returning Visitors
Visitor’s Country Flag (shortcode)
Reviews in Visitor’s Language
User-driven dynamic content rotation
Geolocation Redirects (No coding, 2 min setup)
Conditional Upsells and Cross-Sells

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Urgency-Driven Countdowns
Timezone-Sensitive Event Time Display
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25.10 | 17:00 UTC

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Scheduled Timers and Calls-to-Action

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YouTube Video Interaction-Based Dynamic Content
Dynamic phone number insertion
Self-Location Selection (IP-to-Location Override)
Conditional Page Design (CSS)
Custom Remarketing Offers
Tailored Content for Cold Email Recipients
Ad-Based Exclusive Offers
Location-Specific Product Highlights
Content Scheduling
Display The Visitor’s Name
User’s Country Name
Secret Discounts (Easter Eggs)
Mobile Click-to-Navigate Bar

Let's go! Navigate with Waze

Number of Page Visits-Based Adaptive Content
Contact form 7 hidden country field
Schedule calls to action based on the business opening hours

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Set up a recurring message and countdown for a weekly event
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