Thanks for showing interest in If-So! Below are the main improvements planned for April 2021-August 2021

We are always open, and happy to receive suggestions for new features. Please feel free to fill in a feature suggestion form if you have an idea you think will improve If-So.

May – June 2022

  • Dynamic Elementor widgets – Setting up conditions to display Elementor widgets.
  • Geolocation improvements – Saving a set of predefined locations for future use, adding another premium geolocation DB to choose from (possibly with extra cost), adding an option to target a region/borough and more…
  • LearnDash integration

July – August 2022

  • Multiple conditions (and/or) – Currently, the solution to use multiple conditions is by nesting shortcodes (pasting one shortcode inside another). This option will simplify the creation of complex conditions by allowing you to base your dynamic versions on two or more conditions at the same time.

Built-in analytics improvements Setting up different types of conversion, automated reports, and notifications when one version performs better than others.

Suggest a New Feature

If you have a suggestion for a feature or idea for a new integration, we would love to hear about it!