Test – Included in all access pass

1 Output content for those without access to a specific pass

This content should be seen only if the user doesn’t have access to pass 79171

2. Restrict ContentOutput content if has all-access pass.

*End of shortcode*

3 Restricted:

4. All Access Pass Purchase & Login buttons (extension)

1. Logged out: If the customer is logged out, they will see both “Login” and “Buy Now” buttons. 

2. Logged in without access: If they are logged in but haven’t purchased the All Access Pass, they will only see the “Buy Now” button for the All Access Pass.

3. Logged in with access: If they are logged in AND have purchased the All Access Pass, they will see a “success” message. By default that message is: 
“You have an All Access Pass for Product X”. You can also set it up to automatically redirect them to a different page (like a “VIP Welcome” page). Alternatively, you can also have it show restricted HTML content to users who have this All Access Pass.



Output a list of the customer’s All Access Passes along with all of the relevant details. We recommend putting it on their Customer account page.

Elementor Integration
Requirements: If-So (free version)