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Trigger Events Extension

With the Trigger Events extension you can display the content of your dynamic triggers to users when they perform specific on-page actions:

  • Clicking an element
  • Scrolling
  • Time-lapse after a specific amount of inactivity
  • Exit intent – hovering the cursor outside of the browser window

To set up events for displaying content, all you need to do is to load the trigger with Ajax, and then add the relevant event parameter to the trigger shortcode:


Add the parameter eventType=”scroll”

[ifso id="123" ajax="yes" eventType="scroll"]


Add the parameter eventType=”click” and the ID/CSS selector of the clicked element target=”#element ID”

Click event based on the element class

[ifso id="123" ajax="yes" eventType="click" target="#elementID"]

Click event based on the element ID

[ifso id="123" ajax="yes" eventType="click" target=".elementClass"]


Add the parameter eventType=”inactivity” and the parameter time=”30″ (seconds)

[ifso id="123" ajax="yes" eventType="inactivity" time="30"]


Add the parameter eventType=”delay” and the parameter delay=”10″ (seconds)

[ifso id="123" ajax="yes" eventType="delay" delay="10"]


Trigger Events Extension
Requirements: If-So Pro