Trigger Events Extension

With the Trigger Events extension, you can display the content of your dynamic triggers to users when they perform specific on-page actions like clicking, scrolling, exit intent, and more.

Oon-page actions that can be used to trigger the content:

  • Click
  • Scroll
  • Inactivity
  • Delay
  • Exit intent

To set up events for displaying content, all you need to do is to add the relevant event parameter to the trigger shortcode:


Display content after a visitor clicks on an element with a specific class or ID.

Add the parameter eventType=”click” and the ID/CSS selector of the clicked element target=”#element ID”

Click event based on the element class

[ifso id="123" ajax="yes" eventType="click" target="#elementID"]

Click event based on the element ID

[ifso id="123" ajax="yes" eventType="click" target=".elementClass"]


Display content to visitors after they begin scrolling the page. 

Add the parameter eventType=”scroll”

[ifso id="123" ajax="yes" eventType="scroll"]


Display content after the visitor has not moved the cursor for a certain amount of time.

Eg. Display text that says “Still there?”

Add the parameter eventType=”inactivity” and the parameter time=”30″ (seconds)

[ifso id="123" ajax="yes" eventType="inactivity" time="30"]


Display content to visitors after a certain amount of time has elapsed after loading the page.

Eg. Display an arrow directing a visitor where their shopping cart is located.

Add the parameter eventType=”delay” and the parameter delay=”10″ (seconds)

[ifso id="123" ajax="yes" eventType="delay" delay="10"]

Exit Intent

Display content to visitors when they hover the cursor outside of the browser window.

Eg. Display text that says, “Parting is such sweet sorrow”.

Add the parameter eventType=”exit-intent”

[ifso id="123" ajax="yes" eventType="exit-intent"]
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Trigger Events Extension
Requirements: If-So Pro