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Sub Geolocation License

Become a geolocation session reseller and start earning!

  1. Generate a Sub Geolocation license.
  2. Assign geo sessions from your primary geolocation license.
  3. Activate the license on your client’s site.

What are the benefits of a sub-license?

  • The Sub License can be activated on a single site only.
  • You control the monthly allocated session amount.
  • Deactivating the license is possible through your account.

How to assign sessions to the Sub Geolocation License?

  1. Create a new Sub Geolocation License (if you haven’t already).
  2. Go to “your account.”
  3. Locate your primary geolocation license and click on “Manage License.”
  4. Choose the sub-geolocation license to which you want to assign the sessions.
  5. Specify the desired number of sessions to assign and click the “Assign” button.


Can I modify the number of sessions allocated to the sub-license?

Yes, you have the flexibility to adjust the number of assigned sessions at any time and as frequently as you desire.

Is it possible to deactivate a license on a client’s website remotely?

Yes, you can contact us and ask us to deactivate the license. We are also working on implementing a feature that will allow you to deactivate licenses yourself through the license management section of your account.

Sub Geolocation License