Dynamic LearnDash Content

The If-So & LearnDash Integration allows for dynamic content based on the user’s engagement with LearnDash courses and quizzes.

Dynamic LearnDash Content

Display Dynamic Content Based on:

  1. LearnDash Course enrolment
  2. LearnDash Course completion rate
  3. LearnDash Quiz score

Use Cases

  • If the user completed course #1, suggest course #2.
  • Suggest other relevant courses if the user has enrolled in course#1.
  • Prompt users to complete a course based on the completion rate.
  • Prompt users who enrolled in a course to join a Facebook group, submit feedback or answer a question.

If the user completed course #1, suggest course #2

Prompt users who enrolled in a course to share it with their Facebook friends

More examples for personalization using If-So

How to set up dynamic LearnDash content

  1. Make sure you have both If-So and the If-So & LearnDash Integration installed.
  2. On your WordPress dashboard, go to “If-So → Add New Trigger”.
  3. Click on “Select a condition” and select one of the “LearnDash” conditions.
  4. In the content field,  set the content to be displayed when the value matches the user’s specified value.
  5. In the default content field, set content to be displayed if the condition
    is not met.
  6. Press “Publish” and paste the shortcode generated by If-So on your website.


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LearnDash Integration
Requirements: If-So Pro