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Personalization Examples | Get inspired…

There are so many amazing ways to use IfSo. Here are several personalization examples to trigger your imagination.

Content personalization


Search term

Match the landing page title with the user’s search term

Make visitors arriving from your Google Ads campaigns feel like they have found exactly what they were looking for.

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dynamic content by search term

dynamic content by geolocation



Add or replace messages based on the location of the user

Localize the content experience based on the user’s country, city, continent or timezone

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Show visitors messages in their own language

Build trust and attract attention with messages in the language of the user.

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dynamic content by browser language

dynamic content by pages visited


Pages visited

Tailor the call to action to the user’s needs and interests

Get more engagement by customizing the call to action to how visitors interact with your site.

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Schedule calls to action based on your opening hours

Different hours call for different calls to action.

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Schedue based dynamic content