Dynamic Content for WooCommerce

If you are using WooCommerce as the sales platform for your website, you are going to love our WooCommerce integration. It’s an easy way to increase sales, reduce advertising expenses, and increase your ROI. Best of all, the results are immediate.


Display dynamic content to your visitors based on:

  • Product/Category in Cart
  • Product/Category purchased
  • Customer Details
  • Units in stock
  • Total spent
  • Number of orders
  • Number of
  • Average Order Value
  • Value of

WooCommerce and If-So Conditions

Product/Category in Cart

Show dynamic content based on the products your customers place in their cart. This condition is great for cross-selling and up-selling, some of the easiest ways to improve sales and revenue.

Eg. If a customer places an iPhone 12 in their cart, offer a case to fit the phone.

Product/Category Purchased

Show dynamic content based on the product or product category your customers purchased from.

Eg. Offer the perfect shirt that would match the jeans they previously purchased.

Customer Details

Show dynamic content based on a customer’s billing or shipping address, their city or country, or even postcode. 

Eg. Offer sales to customers purchasing products during holidays, like Labor Day sales in the US, or Chinese New Year in Asia.

Units in Stock

Show dynamic messages based on the number of units in stock.

Eg. Get must-have products before they go out of stock and increase user experience while keeping customers coming back for more.

Total Spent

Display different messages based on the total amount a user spent on your site.

Eg. Notify customers of a discount on their orders next month after they reach a certain total spent this month.

Number of Orders

Display content based on the number of orders customers have made on your site.

Eg. Display a discount code when customers reach their 3rd/4th/10th order on your site.

Average Order Value

Create dynamic content based on the average order value of your customers. Display content when the value is exactly the average, or above/below it.

Eg. When a customer reaches an average order value you can prompt them with messages to buy more items from your site and qualify for bonuses like free shipping.

Number of

Display dynamic content to customers when they have a certain number of items in their cart.

Eg. If you have a sale on your site of buy 2 get 1 free, display messages reminding customers that they could save more by adding more items to their cart.

Value of

Display dynamic content to customers when they have a certain value of items in their cart to encourage them to make their purchase.

Eg. Display a message to users when they have surpassed the minimum order on your site.

WooCommerce DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion)

Along with the option to display dynamic content based on conditions, The If-So WooCommerce Integration also allows you to insert keywords into your web pages using simple shortcodes.

Below are the shortcodes for the If-So WooCommerce DKI.

Shipping Address

Display details from the visitor’s shipping address: Country, state, city, postacode, and name.

[IfsoWCDKI type='shipping-address' show='country']

Possible values for the “Show” parameter: country/ state/ city/ postcode/ name/ FirstName/ LastName

Billing Address

Display content from the visitor’s billing address.

[IfsoWCDKI type='billing-address' show='country']

Possible values for the “Show” parameter: country/ state/ city/ postcode/ name/ FirstName/ LastName

Number of

Present your visitors with the number of items they have in their cart.

[IfsoWCDKI type='cart' show='number']

Value of

Provide the total sum of the items in your visitor’s cart.

[IfsoWCDKI type='cart' show='value']


What is If-So?

If-So is a simple WordPress plugin, allowing you to add or replace dynamic content on your website based on the visitors’ profile or interaction with the site. Personalize your visitor’s experience and they will engage, convert, and buy more! More info on our homepage.

WooCommerce Integration
Requirements: If-So Pro