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All About the WordPress Notification Bars – Effortless Boost to Your Conversion Rate

In this article, we'll focus on what a WordPress notification bar is, its features, and provide no-fuss tips and tricks to boost engagement and clickthrough rates!
wordpress notification bar

What types of notification bars are available for WordPress?  

First things first, a WordPress notification bar is a thin information strip that can sit either on the top or the bottom of your website. You use them to enhance Call-To-Actions, promotional offers, or other high-impact messaging without being intrusive.

With a massive array of customizations through copy, placement, design, and conditions (such as the user’s location or profile), it is easy to see why notification bars are such a popular choice.  

There are several types of notification bars to consider:

Sticky: While the user scrolls, it stays ‘stuck’ to the top or the bottom of the screen, making them incredibly visible and a good choice for promoting a strong call-to-action or campaign. 

Floating: Staying always visible while scrolling, this notification bar will appear to be ‘floating’ over the content on the page. It can come across as more subtle than a sticky notification bar while still grabbing the user’s attention. 

Closeable: An added close ‘x’ allows the user to close the notification bar. Cookie settings allow you to control when it’s visible again after the user closes it (close just once or never to show again). This gets your message across while letting the user action if they find it intrusive to their user journey. 

Conditional: This notification bar style focuses on a specific target audience and will only be visible to those meeting the conditions or criteria you set. This means your messaging hits only the intended audience for the highest impact. 

Customizable: You can set up your choice of notification bar across the whole website or on a selected webpage.

Benefits of WordPress notification bars? 

Notification bars aren’t solely for grabbing a viewer’s attention and encouraging them to take action; they are notorious for a wealth of benefits: 

  • Cut out annoying pop-ups, avoiding interruptions to the user journey! Keeping important information, alerts, and promos visible without getting in the way will have your viewers even more engaged. 
  • By predominately displaying your message at the top or bottom of the webpage, you map out the desired action of the viewer and boost conversion ratios! 
  • Get personable by saying “Hi” (or welcoming back) your users in their own language. Your engagement ratings will thank you.
  • Skyrocket your sales with messaging intended to upsell and cross-sell during crucial user actions, such as adding a product to the cart during online shopping. 
  • Speak directly to specific viewers by easily setting up target messaging. Creating urgency, promoting products or alerts to viewers from a marketing campaign or geolocation naturally adds personalization to the users’ experience. Watch your sales increase without breaking the bank.

Announcements Bars VS Pop-UPs 

Depending on your primary motivation to add a WordPress notification bar, you may wonder if it is in your best interest to integrate a pop-up instead. The chart below will help you weigh the pros and cons of a notification bar vs a pop-up to determine the best fit for you. 

Announcement BarPop-Up
Visibility✔️Located at the top or bottom of the screen, the announcement bar is easy for the user to see. ✔️Located in the center or side of the screen, a pop-up is easy for the user to see.
Less Disruptive✔️With the location not obstructing the user’s journey, with less action needed by the user to dismiss the messaging, a WordPress notification bar is less disruptive. ❌While pop-ups are intended to grab attention, they do pull the user away from their journey and require a dismissal action to take place before the user can continue.
Customizable✔️Highly personalizable to match the design and branding of the website without the need of a designer or developer. ❌Can be personalized to match your website but require a brief, designer, and a web developer to be completed.
Noticeability ✔️Captivating the user without blocking them from their purpose on the page allowing you the freedom to display them without adding the option for the user to close them.❌Known to be closed without being read, the messaging in a popup is often missed because of its disruptive nature.

What to consider when choosing a WordPress notification bar plugin? 

There are many options for plugins you could choose for your WordPress notification bar, but knowing exactly what features to watch for will give you the confidence that you’re getting the most bang for your buck!

Customization options

Design and Layout

As one of the first or last things your viewers will see on the site, the design must be on-point to compete in today’s bustling online market. Ensure your WordPress notification bar plugin has a range of templates, lets you choose the colors for everything, has a range of layouts, fonts, icons, animations to choose from, and includes a custom CSS option. This way, no matter your team’s skill level or marketing goals, you will master a captivating notification bar that’s still harmonious with your brand.

Dynamic elements

One of the key elements to increasing your sales is relating to your viewer. Adding personalized messages, call-to-actions, or sales lets your target audience know you see them and are there to help. Cutting out the noise of irrelevant content they aren’t concerned with is insurance that they will not only engage with you but keep coming back for your service. Amending the WP notification bar content based on geolocation, time of day, user behavior, or how they arrived at your site will leave you wondering why you’ve never done this before! 

Opening hours-based WordPress notification bar

Targeting options Similarly to dynamic elements which customize the content, targeting lets you control who sees the notification bar (or who won’t), amplifying the effectiveness of your messaging for booming conversion rates. Device type, page, website entry point, and the viewer’s location are ways to maximize your message’s visibility to the right person and at the right time.

Location-based WordPress notification bar

Cookie Settings 

Cookie Settings are essential for creating a seamless user experience on your website. You’ll find straightforward controls to choose if the notification bar should display only once per visit, per browsing session, per day/week/month, and if you will allow viewers to close out of the notification bar. Honing into the cookie settings is the perfect way to avoid your message coming across annoying to your audience. 

Trigger options 

Want to deliver a message to someone who has been browsing for the last 10 minutes? This is where trigger options come in! Controlling when the notification bar is visible based on the time someone has been on the site, the point they scroll (or click) on a page, or when they go to leave the page will drive your message home and intensify the desire for engagement. 

Easy to use 

You don’t need to be a skilled web developer to be able to have a WordPress notification bar. Increasing your conversion rates couldn’t get easier than our no-code needed approach, drag and drop elements, expert-designed templates customizable to fit your brand, and user-friendly settings allowing you more control over your user experience.

Adaptable: Having one plugin that can readily adapt to suit your ever-moving goals will future-proof your website while avoiding site bloat from adding multiple plugins to do the work. You’ll be able to create urgency with a countdown timer, never miss a follower by promoting your socials, or get more sign-ups with an email subscription option, all directly from the WordPress notification bar.


Nothing is more annoying than being unable to use a website because they aren’t at a desk! Thankfully, If-So’s WordPress notification bar is fully responsive, ensuring no matter what device or screen size, your viewers will still get the full impact, saving you from unnecessary bounce rates, an organic boost in SEO, and higher engagement. 

Support availability 

Occasionally, you may need support with a theme, mobile, or anything in-between! 

Our support page has a wealth of knowledge and tutorials on anything from integration with a theme responsiveness on mobile or anything in between. 

If you prefer to talk, in 1-day or less, you’ll be in touch with our expert support team, who are ready to answer your questions.

Analytics options 

How do you make sure you’re getting the results you’re after? You measure. Monitoring your stats with the built-in analytics features is proof to our promise. Our plugin is renowned for streamlining tracking by removing complex and unnecessary metrics. With less time spent deciphering analytical jargon, you can confidently boost your marketing strategies using our display and conversion statistics made to measure peak performance.

If-So’s built-in stats

Utilize WordPress notification bars to increase conversion rates today!

Adding a WordPress notification bar is a simple and code-free way to see your conversion rates climb without having to edit any of the content or pages on the website. 

The notification bar’s popularity continues to increase with its variety of customizable settings, designer-created templates personalizable to fit your branding, and tailored messaging and display for any device size. 

Start for free with the If-So’s WordPress Notification Bar plugin and see your business reach new heights!

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