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Jotform Conditional Content: 3 Ways for Crafting Personalized User Journeys

Jotform enables you to collect data from your audience. What if you could take it a step further and use that data to personalize their experience on your website?
Jotform Conditional Content


Jotform has earned widespread popularity as a versatile platform for form creation. Among its numerous advantages, Jotform provides a seamless user experience. By integrating If-So Dynamic Content with this powerful tool, you can segment users into specific audiences and display dynamic content based on their responses.

The best part? No coding is required, and the dynamic content can be showcased across all pages of your site, not just limited to the thank-you page.

About Jotform

Jotform is a powerful online form builder that allows users to create customized, user-friendly forms for a variety of purposes. From simple contact forms to complex surveys and registration forms, Jotform offers a range of features that make form creation a breeze. Users can design forms with ease, collect data securely, and analyze responses efficiently.

Jotform conditional content: enhancing the user experience based on the user responses

Whether you’re new to If-So or a seasoned user, you’ll find valuable insights and techniques to take your website’s user experience to the next level.

The options showcased below all rely on Jotform’s ability to conditionally change the Thank You Page URL.

In brief, on the Jotform side, the concept involves transferring relevant responses using query parameters to the Thank You Page URL. If-So will then take over and perform its magic based on those parameters and their values.

  1. Displaying Dynamic Content Based on User Responses

    If-So offers various methods for showing conditional content based on URL parameters. All you need to do is create a trigger with a “Page URL Contains” condition and define the content to display when the condition is met. You can use any parameter from the URL as the basis for this condition.

    For instance: If: > Page URL > Contains > ?gender=male ; Then: Your Dynamic Content…

    This option is compatible with every page builder. If you’re using Elementor or Gutenberg, you can set the condition at the Element or Block level.

    More about the Page URL condition
  2. Display the user’s name using a shortcode

    Jotform’s conditional content capabilities already allow you to display the user’s name on the thank-you page. If-So improves upon this feature by ‘remembering’ the user’s name and enabling you to display it while the user continues to browse the site. This simple yet effective touch adds a personal connection, making users feel valued. Whether it’s a warm greeting or a personalized message, using their name enhances engagement and builds rapport.

    Discover how to display the user’s name using If-So’s query string DKI shortcode.

  3. Customizing website design based on user responses

    Taking personalization to the next level, you can use If-So Dynamic Content to alter the entire design or layout of your website based on user responses from Jotform. This level of customization allows you to create unique user experiences tailored to each visitor’s preferences.

    For instance, if a user indicates a preference for a particular style, color scheme, or content layout in a Jotform, you can use If-So to adapt your website’s design accordingly. This not only makes the user feel more at home on your site but also increases the likelihood of them engaging with and converting on your content.

    Learn more about how to set up conditional CSS using If-So

In conclusion, Jotform is an excellent tool for creating online forms, and its functionality can be elevated with If-So Dynamic Content. By segmenting your audience based on their answers, displaying dynamic content across all pages, and enhancing user engagement, you can unlock the full potential of your Jotform conditional content and provide an exceptional online experience for your audience.

So, why wait? Start using If-So Dynamic Content to take your Jotform to the next level and delight your users like never before.

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