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What is Ifplay_arrowSo?

People are not the same, so why show them the same content?
Ifplay_arrowSo is a simple WordPress plugin, allowing you to add or replace dynamic content on your website based on the visitors’ profile or interaction with the site. Your visitors will engage, convert and buy more!

3 reasons why users love Ifplay_arrowSo!

  • Works with every page builder
  • No Coding Required Intuitive Interface
  • Compatible with Page Caching

How does it work?

Create dynamic content in minutes. No coding is required
  1. 1
    Select a condition
  2. 2
    Choose what to display if the condition is met
  • All Builders
  • Gutenberg
  • Elementor

Works with your
page builder

Built-In Analytics

See how your content performs!
See how many times each version was viewed and how it impacted your conversion rate
A variety of DKI Shortcodes
Users in Love Ifplay_arrowSo
The country name is displayed
using our country DKI shortcode:
[ifsoDKI type="geo" show="country"]


Create conditional content based on users interaction with your favorite plugins: product added to the cart, membership level, course completion, and more...
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Dynamic content for 3rd-party plugins

More than Just If-Then Conditions

User Self-selection
Allow users to choose the content they will see
Conditional Redirects
Redirect visitors to a different page based on conditions
Conditional Pop-ups
Show pop-ups based on conditions
Conditional CSS
Change your website's style based on conditions
Custom Profile Fields
Show content based on data collected from logged-in users
Audiences (Segments)
Assign users to predfiend audiences and show audience-bsed content
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