Secret discount (easter egg)

Conditions/features in use: Cookie (or page URL) & Trigger Events Extension

gennie lamp

In this example we create a secret discount – when users clicks on the lamp 3 times in a row they are moved to a secret page, in this example, a secret discount page.

Creating a secret discount example – plans page secret discount

We used this element to create a secret discount page here at if-so, with no coding required. The clickable element can be made using our “Assign a cookie” wrapping shortcode, and the custom prices are displayed using the cookie condition.

How we did it

We used our “Assign a cookie on click” shortcode to wrap the image of the genie lamp. We set the shortcode to assign a cookie with the name “genie” and the value “yes” after 3 clicks. This redirects the user to the plans page. You can see the shortcode and the parameters we used below:

[ifso_onclick_redirect url='' clicks='3' cookie_name='gennie' cookie_value='yes' expires='1']

<img src="">


The “Add a cookie on click” shortcode functionality is part of the trigger events extension. You can learn more and download it here.

Displaying custom prices on the plans page

We created a new If-So trigger with a cookie condition:
If: Cookie name > genie & Cookie Value > yes, exist in the user’s browser; Then: Show the custom prices

hidden discount trigger
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