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Floating side box – text and CTA button

Floating side box at the bottom-left corner of the screen

Use Cases and targeting options

The floating side box is ideal for displaying noticeable messages without aggressively hurting the user experience.

  • Pull visitors back to the conversion funnel.
  • Show the floating side box to visitors who are about to leave your site (based on your analytics reports).
  • Use the browser language condition to show a message in the user’s language (i.e., read about the product/page in your language, click to view the page).
  • Offer location-based promotions on local holidays.
  • Based on your analytics reports, suggest related content to users who are about to leave your site.

How to apply the template to your site

  1. Click the “Edit Template” button.
  2. Customize the template and click “Copy Code“.
  3. On your WordPress dashboard, go to “If-So → Add New Trigger”.
  4. Select the condition for displaying the template.
  5. Paste the template code in the dynamic version’s content field. Make sure you are in “Text” mode.
  6. In the default content field, enter the content to be displayed if the condition is not met (optional, can be left blank).
  7. Press “Publish”.
  8. Paste the trigger’s shortcode anywhere on your website.

Display the template on all website pages

  1. Download the Trigger Events extension.
  2. On your WordPress dashboard, go to “If-So → Settings”.
  3. Paste the trigger’s shortcode into the “Load Extra content on all pages” field.
  4. Exclude pages for which you don’t want to display the content.
  5. Click “Save“.



Announcments, Holidays, Promotions


Browser Language, Geolocation, New & Returning Visitors, Referrer Source, Trigger Visited

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