Pop-up – Text and two buttons

Show a pop-up suggesting a localized version of the page based on the user's location or browser language.

How to apply the template to your site

  1. Click the “Edit Template” button.
  2. Customize the template and click “Copy Code“.
  3. On your WordPress dashboard, go to “If-So → Add New Trigger”.
  4. Select the condition for displaying the template.
  5. Paste the template code in the dynamic version’s content field. Make sure you are in “Text” mode.
  6. In the default content field, enter the content to be displayed if the condition is not met (optional, can be left blank).
  7. Press “Publish”.
  8. Paste the trigger’s shortcode anywhere on your website.

Display the template on all website pages

  1. Download the Trigger Events extension.
  2. On your WordPress dashboard, go to “If-So → Settings”.
  3. Paste the trigger’s shortcode into the “Load Extra content on all pages” field.
  4. Exclude pages for which you don’t want to display the content.
  5. Click “Save“.

Use cases

  • Ask visitors if they prefer to visit a translated version of a page.
  • Create a page with an overview of your product in your visitor’s language. Suggest the page when visitors visit the site for the first time (or at another point on their journey).

Targeting options

  1. User’s location – continent, country, state, or city
  2. Browser language – can be set instead or in addition to the geolocation condition. This option allows you to target visitors in their language when they travel abroad.



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