Content Scheduling

Set a dynamic version that will be displayed from and/or until a certain date and time.
Schedule content in advanced

If-So’s Time & Date conditions allow you to schedule pop-ups, floating messages, or inline content based on the date, time of the day, or day of the month.

Use cases

  • Set content in advance – great visitors or offer special promotions on holidays and special days
  • Show a click-to-call button when the business is open and a contact form when it is closed
  • Greet users on weekends or based on the time of the day


Start and End date – Schedule content to be displayed until or from a specific date and time. Learn more.

Schedule – Schedule content to be displayed at specific times of the day. Learn more.

Day of the month – display content from, until, or exactly at a specific day of the month. Learn more.



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Start and End Date

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