Conditional (Personalized) Elementor Content (beta version)

The If-So & Elementor Integration allows you to set a condition for each Elementor Element (or Section). The element will be displayed only if the condition is met.

Which conditions can I set with the Elementor Integration?

You can set each one of the If-So conditions, including conditions added using other integrations like WooCommerce, LearnDash, and any other integration.

For a full list of conditions

So > Simple! Any Elementor Element or Section can be made conditional

With our Elementor Integration, you can add an If-So condition to any Elementor Element or Section. All you need to do is click the element, go to the advanced tab, and select a condition from the list.

If the condition is met, the element will be displayed. If the condition is not met, by default, nothing will be displayed.

Default content – By default, if the condition is not met, nothing will be displayed. If you want to set content to be displayed if the condition is not met, you can click the “Default” tab and set alternative content.

Assigning Users to an Audience

If-So allows you to provide a consistent user experience on your site by assigning the user to an audience and then showing dynamic content anywhere on your website to users assigned to that audience (based on a cookie).

To assign or remove users using the Elementor Integration, click the “Audiences” tab and select the audiences you want to assign or remove once a condition is met.

For more information and options for assigning users to an audience

Page Caching Compatibility

If-So is entirely compatible with page caching. If you are using cache on your site, simply enable the Ajax Loading option (located below the condition). The dynamic content will be loaded using Ajax right after the rest of the page loads from the cache.

Note that since the content is loaded after the page loads from the cache, there will be a slight delay before the appearance of the dynamic content. In most cases, the delay is insignificant. If you find it too long, the alternative is to disable the page caching for the specific page with the dynamic content (this is not recommended, of course).

The page caching compatibility option requires If-So version 1.5.5 and the If-So and Elementor Integration version 1.1. These versions will be publicly published during January 2022. In the meantime, you can download them here:

  • If-So version 1.5.5
  • If-So and Elementor Integration version 1.1

Frequent Questions

  • Does the Elementor integration work on the free version of the If-So plugin?

    Yes, it does.

    Yes, it does.All the functionality and conditions that are included in the free version will also work with the Elementor integration (click here for a list of the free vs. pro features).

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