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What is Dynamic WordPress Content?

What is Dynamic WordPress content and how can it be applied easily on any website.
The image shows a website with several versions of content

What is dynamic WordPress content?

At its core, dynamic content for WordPress can be described as a type of content that changes its behavior depending on several factors. The factors might include the user’s profile, as well as their interests, engagement with the website, and more. Dynamic content is very effective, and even though it might sound complicated, it is not.

Dynamic WordPress website examples

Dynamic content has many purposes, and there are many examples of how it can be used to enhance a website with some intelligence features. E-commerce websites are classic examples of dynamic content implementation.

Take a look at, for example. This is a website that provides marketplace solutions for musical instruments, similar to eBay. If more people are looking at an item or have placed a bid, the page will show different information and notify visitors of any bids or offer in progress, as well as giving them a detailed breakdown of how many people are watching the item. This is meant to create a sense of urgency, which can help maximize sales and drive the market for any given item.

Dynamic content can also be used to create a personalized experience for visitors when they enter the website. For example, users getting to the page from a specific source, such as an email list, can get a customized experience by retrieving their names or by showing them special offers or exclusive content 

Dynamic content vs. static content

Even though dynamic content is quite different from static content, it doesn’t necessarily mean that one is better than the other. In fact, it is really about using the right content typology based on your particular needs and situation. In other words, it is important to understand that both dynamic and static content are very important when it comes to designing a successful website. You could think of dynamic content as that part of the design that caters to the user experience, making it more personal and unique to each visitor. However, the static content is just as important, and you could see it as the “skin and bones of your website.”

Dynamic content for small businesses

Today, most websites, emails and marketing content relies heavily on dynamic content. WordPress plugins like If-So Dynamic Content enable users to create dynamic content easily. Site admins can even see statistics, indicating how many times each version of the content was displayed, and how users engaged with the site after seeing it. In conclusion, dynamic content features make for an excellent solution to the web design needs of many customers, including smaller businesses.

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