Display The Visitor’s Name


Conditions/features in use: The query-string DKI shortcode

Use cases

  • Display the name of visitors arriving from email campaigns.
  • Add a personal note to users arriving from cold emails.
  • Allow users to add a personal message when they share your site with their friends

Other usages of the Query-string DKI Shortcode

  • Display the word that was used to trigger your Google Ads ad. Learn more.

Watch it in action

The example below shows the usage of the Query-string DKI shortcode to display the value of the parameter “example”. As fallback content, if the parameter doesn’t exist in the URL, we display the value {YOUR NAME}. You can choose any other value or leave the fallback blank if you don’t want to display any fallback value.

👑 {YOUR NAME} is awesome!👑

Fill in your name to see it in action

The shortcode used in this example:

[ifsoDKI type="querystring" parameter="_name" fallback="{YOUR NAME}"]

Learn more about the query string DKI



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