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Does If-So work with Divi Builder?

Yes, it does, and it’s extremely simple!

When you create a dynamic trigger with If-So, you will receive a shortcode that you can embed anywhere on your website. Simply paste the shortcode inside a Divi text or code module.  Every time the page loads, one of the trigger’s versions will be displayed based on the condition.

Can I build content with Divi and use it inside If-So?

Yes, you can. Here’s how:

  1. Build a layout, section, or module inside Divi.
  2. Save it to the library
  3. Create a new If-So trigger, set a condition, and embed the saved layout using a shortcode.

    There are several ways to enable the option to embed elements from the library using a shortcode. The most simple one is using a free 3rd-party plugin called Simple Divi Shortcode.

Please note that on the page where the If-So shortcode is placed, the section, row, and text box should have their margins and padding set to 0 all around.

Do you have plans to create an integration with Divi, similar to the existing integrations with Elementor and Gutenberg?

We dedicated a considerable amount of time to creating this integration, but we encountered technical challenges related to the structure of Divi. As a result, we had to pause our efforts, but we remain committed to revisiting it in the future.