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Limiting the frequency of pop-up display per user

If-So provides maximum flexibility in determining how often you want to display the pop-up to each user and for how long you want to prevent its display. This option is achieved by adding a cookie to the user’s browser, ensuring that the pop-up is not shown as long as the cookie exists.

  1. Add the following shortcode to the bottom of your pop-up’s content:
[ifso-add-cookie name='prevent-pop-up' value='yes' time='2628288']

* ‘2628288’ represents the cookie expiration date in seconds, equivalent to 30 days. Adjust the expiration time according to your requirements.

  1. Add another version to your pop-up.
  2. Drag the new version to the top (place it as version A) to ensure its condition is checked first.
    – Set the version’s condition to “If > Cookie > Is > Cookie Name: prevent-pop-up ; Cookie Value: yes”.
    -Leave the version’s content blank.
  3. Update the trigger.

The result: When the pop-up is displayed for the first time, a cookie with the name “prevent-pop-up” will be added to the user’s browser. The next time the user visits a page with the pop-up’s shortcode, the condition of version A will be met. Since there is no content in version A, the pop-up will not be displayed.