Will using the If-So plugin add cookies to my website?

Yes. Depending on the conditions and functions you choose to use, If-so uses cookies for some of its functionalities.

Cookies will only be used once you use a cookie-based condition or feature. Below are the features and conditions that will use cookies:


  1. Pages visited (cookie name: ifso_page_visits)
  2. New and returning visitors (cookie name: Ifso_Visit_Counts)


  1. Recurrence (cookie name: ifso_recurrence_data, ifso_recurrence_session_TRIGGER_ID)
  2. Audiences (cookie name: ifso_group_name)
  3. User Selection (based on the groups cookie)
  4. Analytics (cookie name: ifso_last_viewed, ifso_viewing_triggers)

The table below shows the cookies names, description, and when they are created:

Cookie NameDescriptionWhen is the cookie created
Ifso_Visit_CountsNumber of website visits 
ifso_page_visitsUsed to keep track of pages visited by the user. Must be enabled in order to use the Pages Visited conditionThe cookie will not be created and updated if the “Deactivate Pages Visited Cookie” is checked.

Disabling the cookie will not delete the cookie for users that already have the cookie
ifso_recurrence_dataused for the If-So recurrence optionAdded when handling a trigger with recurrence
ifso_visit_countsUsed for user behaviour (new/returning/num. of visits) triggerCreated and updated (increment) whenever an if-so trigger is rendered
ifso_recurrence_session_TRIGGER_IDUsed to for the If-So recurrence option Added when handling a trigger with recurrence
ifso_last_viewedUsed to store the triggers’ “viewed last” for Analytics conversions.Does not get created if analytics is turned off
ifso_viewing_triggersHolds data on triggers viewed on this page for Analytics in AJAX modeDoes not get created if analytics is turned off or not in AJAX mode
ifso_viewed_triggersUsed for the ‘Triggers Visited’ conditionAdded whenever a trigger is viewed. Can be disabled in the plugin’s settings
ifsoGroupUsed for the feature where a user is added to an audienceAdded only if you use the Groups option
fso_geo_dataHolds the cache for If-So’s geolocation data When the “Disable use of PHP sessions” option is enabled in the plugin’s settings.