Pop-up – Upsell and Cross-sell, single product

Boost sales for WooCommerce – set up Up-Sells and Cross-Sells pop-ups that pop up based on the user interaction with your WooCommerce products.
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Use cases and targeting options

Use the pop-up for upselling and cross-selling based on the visitor’s interaction with the site.

  • Suggest products based on a product the user has added to the cart
  • Suggest products when the user clicks the checkout button
  • Suggest products based on the user’s previous purchases
  • Suggest products on discount if the total value of items in the cart is greater than…
  • Offer a discount on exit intent

Step-by-step: Applying the pop-up on your site

The pop-up functionality requires the If-So plugin, the If-So – WooCommerce integration, and the Trigger Events extension. Please make sure you have all three activated on your site.

  1. Click the “Edit Template” button.
  2. Customize the pop-up, and click “Copy Code“.
    * Note that this pop-up contains WooCommerce shortcodes that display the product/s. Make sure to replace the product IDs in the shortcode with the product IDs of the products from your site.
  3. On your WordPress dashboard, go to “If-So → Add New Trigger”.
  4. Select the condition for displaying the pop-up (under version A).
  5. Paste the pop-up’s code in the dynamic version’s content field. Make sure you are in “Text” mode.
  6. Default version – leave blank.
    * If you want to display the pop-up without setting a condition, skip steps 4 and 5 and paste the pop-up’s content in the default version content field.
  7. Press “Publish”, and look for the trigger ID (in the trigger’s shortcode)
  8. Paste the following shortcode anywhere on your page/s. Replace the shortcode’s ID (123) with the ID of the trigger you created in the previous steps.
[ifso id="123" ajax="yes" display="modal" closebtn=".ifso-pt-close-button"]

Display the pop-up on all website pages

  1. On your WordPress dashboard, go to “If-So → Settings”.
  2. Paste the shortcode from the previous step into the “Load extra content on all pages” field (make sure to paste the code in “Text mode”).
  3. Optional – Exclude pages for which you don’t want to display the content (Learn more)
  4. Click “Save“.

* In addition to the conditions offered by If-So for displaying the pop-ups, pop-ups can also be displayed only after one of the following on-page events has occurred: Click, Scroll, Inactivity, Delay, or Exit Intent. Learn more.

Display the pop-up when the user clicks the “checkout” button

If-So allows you to choose one trigger that will be displayed right after the user clicks the checkout button. Combined with our “Replace a product” shortcode, you can use this option to increase the customer’s average order value by offering special discounts if they add another product or replace the product on their cart.

The pop-up will be displayed only if the condition is met, for example: If: Product in the cart > Is > “Computer” Then: “Click this button to add a mouse at 20% off”.

To set the trigger that will be displayed at checkout, add the code below to your functions.php. Make sure to replace the shortcode’s ID (123) with the ID of your chosen trigger.

add_filter('ifso_woocommerce_before_order_modal_content_trigger_id', function($id){return 123});

The “Replace a product” button

this template is commonly used with the “Replace product” shortcode. The shortcode allows you to display a button that removes certain items from the cart and replaces them with others.

The button can be used both for up-selling, and cross-selling.

To create the button, simply copy and paste the shortcode below to your site, and select the products and the number of units you want to replace.

[ifsoWC type='replace-product-button' add='123' remove='234' amount='2' submit='BTN TEXT' reload='yes' ajax='yes']

Click here to learn more about the “replace Product” shortcode





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