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WordPress Geotargeting plugin

Here’s why

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  1. Maximum accuracy – All plans utilize a premium IP-to-location database
  1. No coding required
  1. Works on any WP site, with every page builder
  1. Start for free – Ensure it meets your expectations

All-in-one solution

Suits any WordPress Geotargeting use case

Add or replace any content on your site according to the user’s location. This includes text, titles, images, and even menu items.

Check out these examples and more…

Add or replace any content

WordPress Geotargeting

Location-based redirects

Highlight different products in specific locations

Location-based pop-ups

promotions in specific countries

Allow users to select their location

promotions in specific countries

Show reviews in the visitor’s language

Auto-calculate an event time according to the user’s timezone

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10:00 according to your time zone (New_York)

Locally-based promotions

promotions in specific countries

Highlight different products

Highlight different products in specific locations

Direct users to the nearest branch

Direct users to the nearest branch


Set it up in less than 1 minute

No coding required! Simply, select a location and set the content you wish to display

Simply select the location/s, and define the relevant content

  • No configuration required
  • No coding needed

Using Elementor or Gutenberg? In addition to creating a trigger, you can directly define the condition in the settings of the element or block.

  • All Builders
  • Gutenberg
  • Elementor

You don’t need to make any changes to your site to start using If-So!

Step-by-step instructions

For all page builders users:

  1. Create a new trigger
  2. Select a location/s (Continent, country, state/region, or city).
  3. Set the content
  4. Paste the trigger’s shortcode wherever you wish to display the content.

Optional – Set up as many versions as you wish. Set ‘default content‘ that will be displayed to users outside of the targeted locations.

Using Elementor or Gutenberg?

Set up location-based elements, sections, and blocks

DKI Shortcodes

Insert the user’s location using a simple shortcode

Users in United States Love Ifplay_arrowSo

The country name is displayed using our DKI shortcode:

[ifsoDKI type="geo" show="country"]

The same applies to the state/region or city.
Simply paste the following shortcodes on your page:

[ifsoDKI type="geo" show="state"]
[ifsoDKI type="geo" show="city"]

The country flag is displayed using the following DKI shortcode:

[ifsoDKI type='geo' show='flag' width='50px']

Location override

Allow users to select their location

Implement a manual user location selection form that empowering users to choose a different location than the one automatically detected by our IP-to-location service.

The location-based content you have set on your site will update dynamically based on the user’s selection.

Try it!

Choose a different location than the one automatically detected and see how your content changes.

{"options":"all-countries","default-option":"Your Location","geo-type":"countryCode","show-flags":"yes","autodetect-location":"yes","self_select_form_type":"geo"}

Scalable Pricing

Unparalleled Features, Unbeatable Prices

Our prices align with our mission – being the 1st WordPress Geotargeting plugin choice

  • All plans use a premium IP-to-location database!
  • Upgrade at any time (pay only the difference)



Unlimited domains

250 monthly sessions

Geo Basic


Unlimited domains

10K monthly sessions

Geo Pro


Unlimited domains

35K monthly sessions

Geo Super


Unlimited domains

100K monthly sessions

Geo Super +


Unlimited domains

150K monthly sessions



Unlimited domains

250 monthly sessions

Geo Basic


Unlimited domains

10K monthly sessions

Geo Pro


Unlimited domains

35K monthly sessions

Geo Super


Unlimited domains

100K monthly sessions

Geo Super +


Unlimited domains

150K monthly sessions

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Optimized session count!

  • We store a user’s location during their visit, ensuring only one session is counted even while they browse multiple pages.
  • Sessions are initiated only when a user visits a page utilizing our geolocation service.



+ Can I use one geolocation license on multiple websites?

Yes! Activate your license on as many domains as you like.

+ Can I upgrade my geolocation plan?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time. You’ll only pay the difference based on your remaining subscription time.

+ Do I need a pro license to use geolocation?

No. A geolocation license is all you need. You only need a pro license for additional If-So conditions and features.

+ What happens if I run out of geolocation sessions?

If-So will bypass the geolocation condition and display your default content.


+ In what geographic levels can I target users?

Target users by continent, country, state, city, or timezone.

+ Is the IP-to-location service 100% accurate?

We use a premium, highly accurate IP-to-location API for the best possible results (even for the free plan). Nevertheless, no IP-to-location service can guarantee 100% accuracy.

For street-level accuracy, use our included Geolocation API method (no extra charge). Details further down this page.


+ How are geolocation sessions counted?

A session starts when a user visits a page with geolocated content and ends when they close their browser or are inactive for 25 minutes (the timing can slightly vary depending on the user’s browser and server hosting the website).

Will sessions be counted on every page load?

No. Sessions are only counted when a user visits a page with a geolocation trigger.

Multiple visits to this page or others within one session still count as a single session.

Will a session be counted if the geolocation condition isn’t met?

Yes. Since we need to check the user’s location to determine if geotargeted content should be displayed, a session is counted regardless of the outcome.


Can I get the geo data detected by If-So?

Yes! Access this data using both PHP and JavaScript. Learn more.

Maximum Accuracy

Accuracy Matters: A built-in Geolocation API detection option gets you covered

There are two main ways to detect a user’s location: IP-to-location and Geolocation API (also known as ‘Browser API’ and ‘Geolocation HTML5’).

Each option has its advantages, but with If-So, you don’t have to choose! Combine them for maximum flexibility and accuracy.

IP-to-location Vs. Geolocation API

IP-to-location: Detects a user’s location from their IP address. We use a premium database for the best possible results. However, IP-based location detection has limitations, particularly at the city level. Learn more about IP-based geolocation.

Geolocation API: Offers the highest accuracy by getting the user’s explicit consent to share their location. Dynamic content is then tailored using the HTML5 browser API. Learn more about HTML5 Geolocation API.

If-So makes it easy! Simply select a location and the content you want to display – we’ll handle the rest.

Want to use the HTML5 Geolocation API?

Check the box in your plugin settings. If-So takes care of the rest.

  • When the user first visits a page with geotargeted content, we’ll use their IP for an initial location estimate.
  • A clear notification will ask users for permission to share their precise location.
  • If they agree, the page refreshes automatically, and content is displayed based on their exact location using the Geolocation API.

Learn more about our WordPress Geotargeting features and options:

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