Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Geolocation DKI

Use these simple Geolocation DKI shortcodes to insert the user’s location: country, city, state, continent, or time zone.

Insert the user’s country

[ifsoDKI type='geo' show='country']

Insert the user’s state

[ifsoDKI type='geo' show='state']

Insert the user’s city

[ifsoDKI type='geo' show='city']

Insert the user’s continent

[ifsoDKI type='geo' show='continent']

Insert the user’s timezone

[ifsoDKI type='geo' show='timezone'] 

* Please note that IP-to-location services are not 100% accurate. The accuracy changes between different countries, ISPs, devices, and other factors. Learn more.

Displaying the visitor’s country flag

To display the visitor’s flag (or other country-based data), you can do so by using our CSV extension. Learn more here.

Check these out if you’re interested in adding more triggers or conditions

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