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The recurrence option allows you to decide what happens when a visitor who has seen a dynamic content version on your site, returns to the site. When the recurrence option is activated, the same version will be displayed each time the same visitor encounters the trigger.

Since recurrence is based on cookies, the option only works when the visitor revisits the website from the same device and browser without deleting cookies.

To which conditions can recurrence apply?

  • Referrer source
  • Logged in
  • Dynamic link
  • Advertising platforms
  • A/B testing
  • Page URL

Recurrence duration

When you set a recurrence you decide how long it will be active for. There are three options to select from:

Single session – A session starts when a visitor encounters the trigger for the first time and ends when the visitor closes the browser (closing the browser tab does not end the session).

Always – Unless the visitor deletes cookies, the version will always be displayed.

Custom – Define the length of time in minutes,days, weeks, or months.

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