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Conditions/features in use: The Geolocation Condition & The CSV Extension

In this live example we show Location-based content and dynamic content from a CSV. We created a CSV file with a list of all 249 countries, their names, and flags (the file is available for you to download and use on your site). We used our CSV extension to upload the file and display the column’s content (the column with the flags).

How we did it:

Since we wanted to create 249 different versions of content (one version per country), we chose to use our CSV extension instead of creating a standard if-then dynamic trigger. The CSV extension was built to add and manage thousands of different versions with ease and with minimal effect on the loading speed.

1) We created a new “If-So Bulk”, and uploaded the pre-made countries’ flags CSV file that you can download from our site. After uploading the file, it is editable directly from the site.

This is how it looks:

The CSV file, after being uploaded to the site

2) We pasted the shortcode that displays the content of column C on the page:

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