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///If-So Dynamic Content and WP Rocket
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WP Rocket is a popular optimization and caching plugin. WP Rocket can be used in addition to If>So.

Before we discuss how WP Rocket handles dynamic content, it is important to understand exactly what caching is.

What is caching?

Caching is a technique commonly used to reduce page load times. It works by creating a “snapshot” of your page so that when visitors enter your site, they are presented with a snapshot, as a pose to having the browser assemble the page from scratch by sending requests to the database.

Can WP Rocket and If>So Dynamic Content be used together?


In order to use dynamic capabilities with WP Rocket, you have the option to exclude specific pages from being cached.
This can be done in two ways

Option 1: Via the editing option of the page or post:

  1. Go to the editing option of the page or post where you would like to present personalized content.
  2. Check the “Never cache this page” checkboxWP Rocket caching options

Option 2: Via the WP Rocket settings page:

  1. On your WordPress admin panel Go to settings > WP Rocket
  2.  On the side menu, select Advanced rules
  3. Under “Never Cache URL(s)”, specify URLs of pages or posts that should never be cached (one per line)Perevent caching of a page via the WP Rocket settings


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