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The Query StringDynamic KeywordInsertion (DKI)Shortcode


Display the value of any query string (URL parameter) using a simple shortcode.

Live Example! Click here to load this page again with the addition of the query string ?example=Amazing!

Use Cases:

  • Include the name of your visitor on your page
  • Display the word that was used to trigger your Google Ads ad (learn more)
  • Welcome visitors to your site with a message in your headline or subheadings
  • Display personalized CTA’s to your audience

The Query String DKI shortcode

Displaying the value of a query string is extremely simple. All you have to do is to paste the shortcode below on your site, and replace the parameter name with the name of the parameter you defined.

[ifsoDKI type="querystring" parameter="example"]

The above shortcode will display the value of the parameter “example”. For example, if the page URL is domain.com?example=Cool!, the word Cool! Will be displayed.

Displaying a fallback instead when the parameter is not a part of the URL

By default, the query string DKI shortcode will not display anything if the parameter doesn’t exist in the URL. If you want to display a different value, you can simply add the parameter fallback=”something” to the shortcode. For example:

[ifsoDKI type="querystring" parameter="example" fallback="something"]

Using more than a single Query String DKI shortcode on the same page

You can use the Query String DKI shortcode as many times as you want on the same page. If you want to include more than one parameter in the URL, make sure to separate the parameters with an “&” sign. eg. domain.com?parameter1=value&parameter2=second-value

Parameters to Avoid Using

Some parameters are reserved by WordPress and may cause an error when used in a URL. Click here for a list of all the reserved WordPress parameters.

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