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The following guide covers the basic and advanced features of the If-So plugin. If you have questions or come across any problems, please feel free to contact our team. We will be happy to assist you.

What is If▸So?

If-So is a dynamic content WordPress plugin that allows website admins to add or replace website content based on the user’s profile or interaction with the site.

There are two types of dynamic content that can be set with If-So:

1. Conditional Content

Add or replace any content on your website based on a predefined set of conditions. The dynamic content can be text, images, titles, menu items, and even your website design.

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2. Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI)

Automatically display values using shortcodes. Values can be the user’s location, a value of a query parameter, an event time calculated according to the user time zone, and more.

Click here to see the different DKI shortcodes.

Conditional content – How does it work?

setting up conditional content is extremely simple, no coding is required.

All page builder users

  1. Create a trigger
  2. Select a condition and set the personalized content version
  3. Optional – create more dynamic versions and set the default content
  4. Paste the shortcode wherever you want to display the content
    Every time a page with the shortcode is loaded, one of the content versions will be displayed accordingly.

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Gutenberg & Elementor users

Gutenberg and Elementor users may create dynamic content in an alternative way:

  1. Select the block or element
  2. On the side menu, select the condition to display the block/element

– More about conditional Elementor Elements >>
– More about conditional Gutenberg Blocks >>

If you need to create conditional content with a lot of different versions (dozens or even thousands), please check out or CSV extension. The extension allows you to create dynamic content directly from a CSV file and manage the different versions in a simpler way.

Which conditions can you set?

If-So offers a wide range of conditions. You can choose to display content if one condition is met or if a combination of different conditions is met.  Here are examples of our most implemented conditions.

More than just an If-Then conditions plugin

If-So is the most complete personalization WordPress plugin. We consistently develop new features and options to answer the different needs raised by our real-life users.

Here in after are the main

Audiences (segments)
Assign users into predefined audiences based on the user’s interaction with the site and then show content based on the user’s audience.
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User self-selection form:
Allow users to select the content they will see by assigning themselves to an audience (segment).
Learn more >>

Conditional pop-ups
Create pop-ups that will be displayed based on any If-So condition.
Learn more >>

Custom user profile fields (for logged-in users)
Create a new field in the user’s profile, assign a value to that field, and show content based on the value.
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Dynamic content from CSV
Create and manage thousands of dynamic content versions directly from a CSV file.
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