Geolocation Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting – the Geolocation condition

If you set up a geolocation trigger and it seems to you that it is not working, there are a few common reasons that should be considered.

1. Are you testing If-So on a local server or an internal environment?

Since the Geolocation condition relies on an external API to compare the user’s IP and location, the geolocation condition will only work in a live environment.

2. Are you testing the site using a VPN?

If-So’s Geolocation condition will not take action while browsing the site via VPN. If you don’t see the geo-targeted version, it doesn’t mean If-So is not functioning properly. Try testing the page using an online proxy server or target your own country and see if you get the correct result.

If the reason you are using a VPN is only to see how the content looks on your site, it is much easier to use the built-in testing mode option. This option allows you to preview a specific dynamic content version of your site.

3. Are you using a caching plugin?

Caching, in simple words, means you present your website visitors a “snapshot” of your rendered page instead of rendering it from scratch each time a visitor enters the site. Naturally, presenting dynamic content while using cache is not possible. Deactivate your caching plugin and see if it solves the problem. If it does, you can re-activate the caching plugin and look for the option to disable cache on pages with dynamic content – the option is available on any caching plugin. Read more about page caching compatibility for dynamic content.

4. Are you trying to target users by the city?

City detection might not always be accurate. Accuracy changes from country to country and may be high in big metropolitans but might decrease when targeting smaller towns. Read more about IP-to-Location.

5. Do you have enough Geolocation sessions credits on your account?

Unlike other If-So conditions, geolocation usage is limited by monthly sessions. To see your monthly sessions usage, go to If-So > Geolocation on your WordPress admin. A session begins when a visitor first visits a page with a geolocation trigger and ends when the visitor closes the browser or after 25 minutes.

None of the above helped? Feel free to contact our team at, we will be happy to help!

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