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  • How to implement If▸So on an existing page?

If▸So can be easily implemented on any WordPress site: new or existing! Just follow these 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Cut the existent title from the page

Go to the page editing screen and cut the title

Step 2: Paste the title inside an If▸So trigger

  1. Click “Create a new trigger”
  2. Paste the title you have cut into the default version content field

Step 3: Create a second version of the title

On the version A field:

  1. Select the condition to display the dynamic version
  2. Create the second version of the content
  3. Publish the trigger and copy the shortcode

Step 4: Paste the If▸So shortcode instead of the title

  1. Paste the shortcode instead of the title

That’s it!

If the condition is met the dynamic title will be displayed, if it’s not, the default version will be displayed.

There is no limit to the number of dynamic versions you can create within each trigger. Click here to understand how If▸So works with multiple dynamic versions.

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